White Papers

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GaN-on-Diamond Substrates for HEMT Applications (Reprint from Diamond Tooling Journal 1-09) PDF
CVD Diamond Coated Rotating Tools for Composite Machining PDF
IDC 2007 Roma, GaN-on-Diamond Substrates for HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) Applications PDF
ICMCTF 2002, The Analysis of WC surfaces and Diamond Thin Films by Laser-Acoustic Surface Waves PDF
Comparison of High Electrical Quality CVD Diamond and Natural Single-Crystal IIA Diamond PDF
Device Properties of Homoepitaxially Grown Diamond PDF
Diamond Radiation Detectors PDF
Dominance of Intrinsic Phonon Scattering in CVD Diamond PDF
Electrical Properties of High Quality Diamond Films PDF
Hydrogen Passivation of Electrically Active Defects in Diamond PDF
The Impact of Deposition Parameters on the Thermal Conductivity of CVD Thin Diamond Films PDF
Optical Constants for Thin Films of C, Diamond, Al, Si, and CVD SiC from 24 Å to 1216 Å PDF
Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Films with High Electrical Mobility PDF
Resistivity of Chemical Vapor Deposited Diamond Films PDF
Thickness Dependence of the Electrical Characteristics of Chemical Vapor Deposited Diamond Films PDF
Thin Solid Films – First-Order Raman Scattering in Homoepitaxial Chemical Vapor Deposited Diamond at Elevated Temperatures PDF
Total Dose Radiation Hardness of Diamond-Based Silicon-On-Insulator Structures PDF
CVD Diamond: The Emerging Electronic Material PDF
Diamond Films for Laser Hardening PDF
Diamond Ultraviolet Imagers PDF
The Effect of Environment on Tribological Properties of Polycrystalline Diamond Films PDF
Fracture Toughness of Chemically Vapor-Deposited Diamond PDF
Laser Damage of Diamond Film Windows PDF
Paramagnetic Nitrogen in Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond Thin Films PDF
Properties of Thick Homoepitaxial Diamond Layers PDF
Silicon on Insulator Technology Using CVD Diamond Films PDF
Tribological Behavior of CVD Diamond Films PDF