Award Agency
Large Area Diamond Deposition Using Scanned Plasma Technology [AF:I–1994/II–1995]
Diamond-Coated Fibers For Polymers Matrix Composites [AF:I – 1993/II – 1994]
CVD diamond coating for a tailored work function cold cathode [AF: I – 1992/II – 1993]
Diamond Capacitors For Aircraft Power [AF: I – 1992/II – 1993]
Application-By-Application Analysis Of Impact Of Robotics On the Structure And Function Of Billets And Manning On Total Ship Basis [Navy: I – 1988/II – 1993]
Diamond heat pumps for efficient cooling of high power density [Army: I – 1990/II – 1992]
Doped diamond quantum wells for field effect transistors [Army: I – 1990/II – 1992]
Polycrystalline diamond junction field effects transistors [BMDO: I – 1989/II – 1990]
Chemical vapor deposition diamond films for tribological applications (low friction diamond films) [BMDO: I – 1989/II – 1990]
Oxidation resistant diamond coatings for high temperature IHPTET applications [AF: I – 1988/II – 1990]
Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited diamond thin films for tribological and optical materials [BMDO: I – 1987/II – 1988]
Pre-CVD diamond thin film for recyclable UV switch [AF: I – 1987/II – 1988]
Pre CVD diamond thin film for research instrumentation [AF: I – 1987/II – 1988]
CVD Diamond for SAW Devices [BMDO: I – 1997]
Diamond Heteroepitaxy Using Nanometric Surface Preparation [BMDO: I – 1994]
Silicon-on Diamond Technology for Radiation Hardened Electronics [DSWA: I – 1994]
CVD Diamond Doped With Transition Metals And Rare Earths For Persistent Spectral Hole Burning Memory Applications [AF: I – 1993]
Diamond coating of metal alloys [NSF: I – 1993]
Diamond ultra violet imaging sensors [BMDO: I – 1992]
Thermal management of electronic devices with diamond composite ceramics; High toughness diamond composites [AF: I – 1992]; [NSF: I – 1992]
Radiation hard diamond transistors for the superconducting super collider [DOE: I – 1992]
An integrated process for producing commercial diamond x-ray lithography masks [DARPA: I – 1991]
Low cost diamond detector materials for the superconducting super collider [DOE: I – 1991]
A single crystal diamond ultraviolet detector for use with a liquid xenon scintillator [DOE: I – 1991]
Fiber reinforced diamond ceramic composites; Aluminum beryllium diamond composites for aircraft power components [NSF: I – 1991];[AF: I – 1991]
Detection of ionizing particles using polycrystalilline diamond films; Diamond Coatings for Infrared Material [DOE: I – 1991];[AF: I – 1990]
Chemical vapor deposition diamond coatings for improved thermionic [BMDO: I – 1990]
Diamond Wave guides for the Long Wavelength Infrared [AF: I – 1990]
Diamond composite ceramics [DARPA: I – 1990]
New method for fabrication of diamond – armored IR optical elements [DARPA: I – 1990]
Diamond coating and moderator for nuclear fuel pellets; Polycrystalline diamond jets [BMDO: I – 1990];[AF: I – 1989]
CVD diamond coatings for fibers and particulates in high temperature composites [DARPA: I – 1989]
Diamond-silicon heterostructure bipolar transistors using polycrystalline CVD diamond films [AF: I – 1989]
CVD diamond packaging systems for high temperature electronics [AF: I – 1988]
CVD diamond protective coatings for alpha measuring survey instruments [DNA: I – 1988]
PE-CVD diamond thin film for Tunable solid-state laser; Diamond thin films for detectors [Army: I – 1987];[NASA: I – 1987]