Coating Service


Crystallume DCC Coatings can be Applied to Customer-Supplied Cutting Tools and Wear Parts.

Some of the common carbide grades that are approved for coating are listed in the chart below. The specific requirements are 6% Cobalt and 94% Tungsten Carbide with a 1 to 3 micron grain size. For more information contact one of our engineers regarding your application needs.

Four Available Crystallume Coatings

Coating Services - Insert Carbide Grades
Company NameCarbide Grade
Cera Tizit H216T, H10T
Circle C2, C3, C25
Everede CS2
Fansteel/Hydro Carbide HC290
Intrepid CS2
Iscar IC20
Kaiser Dura-Max 5000
Kennametal K68, K10, K313
Komet K10
Sandvik H13A
Stellram (Teledyne) H21
Thinbit DM5
Tool-Flo C25
Toshiba TH10
Toshiba Tungaloy TH10
Tungaloy H10T
Ultramet Z20, Z22, Z86
Valenite-Widia THM
Valenite-Widia VC-2, VC-21, VC-28
Walter WKM
Waukesha WK10
Widia THM


Coating Services - Round Stock Carbide Grades
Company Name Carbide Grade
Ceratiz CTS12D, K100L
Fansteel HC290
HB Carbide HB2
Kennametal K96
Newcommer H21P
Sandvik H6N
Techmet TMK-22D
Valenite WA2