Crystallume DCC Coatings can be Applied to Customer-Supplied Cutting Tools and Wear Parts.

Some of the common carbide grades that are approved for coating are listed in the chart below. The specific requirements are 6% Cobalt and 94% Tungsten Carbide with a 1 to 3 micron grain size. For more information contact one of our engineers regarding your application needs.

Four Available Crystallume Coatings

P47 Series

P38 Series


Premium Plus

Our thinnest diamond coating is only 2 to 4 microns thick and gives up tool life – for extreme edge sharpness. This coating is only available on end mills 1/4″ and smaller in diameter. Lightning is a diamond coating that is between Stealth and Standard Premium in thickness. This coating gives up tool life due to reduced thickness – for lower cost. For reference, it is approximately 8 to 12 microns on a 1/4″ end mill. Standard Premium is our original and the most versatile coating thickness. For reference, it is approximately 18 to 20 microns thick on 1/4″ and larger diameter tools. This is our best general purpose coating and is available on all products – end mills, drills, inserts and as a toll coating. Standard Premium Plus (also known as Milkshake Coating) is available as special order. This coating can be as thick as 30 microns for use in severe and extremely abrasive applications. This coating is available on end mills, drills, inserts and as a toll coating.

Coating Services – Insert Carbide Grades

Company Name

Carbide Grade

Cera Tizit H216T, H10T
Circle C2, C3, C25
Everede CS2
Fansteel/Hydro Carbide HC290
Intrepid CS2
Iscar IC20
Kaiser Dura-Max 5000
Kennametal K68, K10, K313
Komet K10
Sandvik H13A
Stellram (Teledyne) H21
Thinbit DM5
Tool-Flo C25
Toshiba TH10
Toshiba Tungaloy TH10
Tungaloy H10T
Ultramet Z20, Z22, Z86
Valenite-Widia THM
Valenite-Widia VC-2, VC-21, VC-28
Walter WKM
Waukesha WK10
Widia THM

Coating Services – Round Stock Carbide Grades

Company Name

Carbide Grade

Ceratiz CTS12D, K100L
Fansteel HC290
HB Carbide HB2
Kennametal K96
Newcommer H21P
Sandvik H6N
Techmet TMK-22D
Valenite WA2

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